Democrat wears pink wig on Senate floor to protest hair salons reopening during pandemic

Democrat wears pink wig on Senate floor to protest hair salons reopening during pandemic

Kyrsten Sinema, a Democratic senator from Arizona has made a protest against the reopening of salons in her state by wearing a pink wig on the Senate floor.

Senators returned to work on Monday, with social distancing and safety measures put in place to help prevent the spread of Covid-19 in the US capital.

However, their return comes just a few days after the Arizona governor Doug Ducey announced an executive order allowing barber shops, hair salons, retailers and cosmetic stores to reopen on the previous Friday. Restaurants will also be allowed to reopen on 11 May.

Since the pandemic reached the United States, Arizona has recorded more than 8,900 deaths which have resulted in 392 deaths and there is no sign that coronavirus is going anywhere just yet, especially in the US which has confirmed more than one million infections.

In a stance against this reckless move by Ducey, Sinema donned a garish pink wig, which reportedly cost $12.99, to show that she was making a choice to social distance from hair salons.

Her entrance to the Senate, where she identified herself was low-key iconic.

Brahm Resnik, who is a reporter for the Arizona based 12 News/KPNX TV, confirmed that Sinema was wearing the wig was in protest to the salons reopening.

A statement from Ducey's office has said that Arizona remains committed to preserving everyone's safety in the state and slowing the spread of coronavirus.

Arizona continues to focus on protecting public health, supporting those in need and ensuring we're taking the necessary steps to return stronger.

Our efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19 are working – and Arizonans are still encouraged to limit time away from home.

In relation to the salons, which obviously require a less than two-metre difference between the customer and the hairdresser, customers will be required to wear a face mask while they attempt to follow the CDC's social distancing guidelines.

Although Ducey's stay-at-order will officially end on May 15, he has urged the elderly and those that are immunocompromised to remain indoors and for everyone else to follow strict hygiene rules.

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