Woman mocks beauty influencers in 'make-up tutorial' for surgical masks

Woman mocks beauty influencers in 'make-up tutorial' for surgical masks

A Turkish woman has posted a hilarious video mocking beauty influencers by doing her make-up over a surgical mask.

The Twitter user who goes by the name Apachaya created a video of herself on the ubiquitous purple beauty guru backdrop. She proceeded to hit all the notes of a typical make-up video on YouTube: beauty blender, high-coverage foundation, ALL the concealer, contour and highlighter for days and a final straight-to-camera slow mo posing of the "final look"... except with one key difference: it's all done over a surgical mask.

Obviously, this was intended as a joke – if there is one benefit of going out with half your face covered it's surely the fact that you can dispense with most of your make-up routine.

But given current circumstances, it seemed people weren't quite here for coronavirus lols.

Many pointed out that this was actually something of a waste of valuable resources, especially given recent shortages of medical supplies including surgical masks.

Others suggested putting make-up on a mask might actually render the whole thing totally pointless.

Lots of people did indeed see the funny side though.

Will this be Apachaya's way in to a long and prosperous career as a beauty influencer? Only time will tell.

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