Influencers slammed after they ask struggling bars and restaurants for free food and drink

The hospitality industry has been struggling after Covid-19 forced everyone inside – restaurants, bars and cafes have found themselves with less business and the same costs as before.

But some influencers have continued to ask for free food and drink despite the crisis.

Exchanges between restaurants and bars and the influencers were posted on social media, with many of the owners of the venue saying that they were insulted by what was being asked of them. Australian actor Harry Cook sent a message to P&V Wine Liquor & Merchants, asking if they would send a case of wine to his house for free every month, in exchange for him posting about them on his Instagram feed.

John Lethlean, a restaurant critic in Australia, posted screenshots of the exchange on his Instagram feed. The restaurant pointed out in a message that the hospitality industry was struggling severely.

In another exchange Lethlean posted on his Instagram page, a Sydney based blogger asks a restaurant if they would be able to get one of their takeaway meals for free.

According to Eater, in California, an ice cream shop called Wanderlust Creamery was contacted by a musician with 2 million followers, asking for free ice cream in exchange for a promo.

On many of the Instagram posts, commenters asked to find out who the influencers asking for free food and drink were – so that they could make sure they weren’t following them.

In another post from Lethlean, an influencer asks for a free birthday brunch – offering to bring along a friend who is a food blogger. Lethlean and others have been posting typical exchanges with the hashtag #couscousforcomment, particularly as this has been an ongoing source of debate within food blogging communities.

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