A billion people urged to stay inside in India, leaving entire cities deserted

A billion people urged to stay inside in India, leaving entire cities deserted

More than 1 billion people in India have been ordered to stay home for 14 hours today, as part of the country's effort to fight the coronavirus outbreak.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the curfew last week, which requires people stay home from 7am to 9pm today.

India has currently recorded 315 cases of Covid-19, but with infection increasing elsewhere, the government wants to test plans to potentially put in place a social distancing or self-isolate plan to avoid it getting worse. A number of cities have already enforced complete or partial shutdowns.

While accross much of Europe and the US people appear to be struggling to take the instructions seriously, it seems in India people were more willing to oblige.

Over the course of the day photos and videos have emerged of a deserted country.

Usually bustling train platforms are empty.

As are beaches, where seagulls (and dogs) now have free reign.

And even parks.

Huge roads and motorways are eerily free of traffic.

And shops and restaurants have completely shut down.

Some key workers are still out, but taking as much precaution as possible.

And others got creative with honouring those still fighting the outbreak.

The prime minister has encouraged all citizens to come out onto their balconies at 5pm to clap and ring bells in a show of appreciation for medical professionals and sanitation workers who were unable to stay inside.

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