An Australian minister who was recently pictured with Ivanka Trump now has coronavirus

Australian Embassy

If you have space in your brain to digest more news about Covid-19, it appears Ivanka Trump was pictured next to an Australian politician days before he tested positive for the coronavirus.

In a statement on Twitter, Australian home affairs minister Peter Dutton revealed that he’d woken up with a temperature and sore throat and was now recuperating in hospital after testing positive for Covid-19.

Dutton travelled to America at the start of the month to discuss global efforts to put a stop to child exploitation. The Australian embassy tweeted at the time:

The picture included British Minister of State for Security, James Brokenshire, as well as US Attorney General William Barr.

Whether the president’s daughter has coronavirus or not remains to be seen. Hopefully Ivanka will manage to avoid it. But we do know that the virus is more contagious than the flu and is transmitted by being in close proximity with others who have it.

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