Every day the UK government holds a daily briefing on how they are handling the ongoing coronavirus crisis and it would probably be fair to say that they aren't the most lively of affairs.

However, every now and again something will happen that will perk the entire nation up and get them hollering at their television.

Usually, it's because of something daft that has been said by Boris Johnson or one of his ministers but on Saturday something worth applauding was actually said by England's deputy chief medical officer.

Jonathan Van Tam was asked for his thoughts on the Dominic Cummings scandal and whether the PM's top adviser had twice broken the rules of lock down by travelling to Durham.

While many high profile members of the cabinet have been steadfast in their defence of Cummings, Van Tam was not and did not mince his words.

In my opinion the rules are clear and they have always been clear. In my opinion they are for the benefit of all. In my opinion they apply to all.


This small act of defiance from Van Tam saw him become an instant star on social media with some labelling him their 'new hero.'

This comes amid fears that lockdown was eased too early as more new cases continue to be reported. Saturday saw beaches across the UK packed with tourists while in Durdle Door, Dorset helicopters were forced to land on a beach after four people were injured when cliff diving.

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