This landlord sent an unexpected coronavirus text to his tenant and people are overwhelmed

At a time when people across the world are worried about keeping their jobs –​much less about how they will manage to pay rent –​one landlord stepped up.

Hull-born Amy Gledhill tweeted on Tuesday, “My landlord just text me this and I'm sobbing. LANDLORDS, TAKE NOTE. If you're in a position to say this to someone, please do. When we can't rely on the government, we've got to help each other.”

The text read, “given everything that seems to be going on with Covid 19...I want you to feel secure in the house...We’re living in crazy times so take care of yourself and your family.”

Some responded with happy disbelief saying, “Most landlords wouldn’t do this, what a lovely gentlemen he is,” and “Chris Landlord is a bloody decent human being. Be like Chris Landlord.”

Others were still generally unimpressed with the housing situation, commenting things like: “Mine is still evicting me in 3 months…” and “And my landlord has just given us a 2 month notice.”

This all comes after Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn called for landlords to offer rent payment holidays to tenants over the weekend in response to the coronavirus. He also called for a stop in evictions.

Other tenants have not been so lucky. One Twitter user said that he was being evicted after losing his job in the midst of the outbreak:

There have been calls across social media in Britain for a #rentfreeze, considering the dire nature of the health crisis where many people will be either laid off, or unable to attend work.

For more information on tenants' rights, visit Shelter's website orCitizens' Advice.

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