In a heartbreaking moment, a man has begged the public to take the government’s coronavirus advice seriously two hours after his mother passed away from Covid-19.

The emotional exchange took place on LBC between Iain Dale and a man named Cliff. Dale asked how the public are practicing their religions while on lockdown. Cliff the​n phoned in to share his story.

My mum's just passed away from coronavirus, just two hours ago.

He told LBC that his mother had recently returned from a trip abroad, which he and his siblings has warned her not to go on.

He began the story by telling the public that people ignoring advice are a “disgrace”, calling it "an insult to doctors and nurses" for people to be dismissing the dangers of Covid-19.

Cliff is now self-isolating can’t see his own children as he begins the process of grieving. He even admitted that he "didn't take it seriously two weeks ago."

I haven't seen my kids for two weeks.

Incredibly, while on the phone, he received confirmation that he was indeed carrying Covid-19, presumably from his mother. He pleaded with listeners to "please take this seriously" otherwise they might also end up in the situation where their lives have been turned upside down.

On Twitter, Dale said that this was one of the most “emotionally challenging” shows he’s ever presented.

If you’re concerned about coronavirus, the best thing to do is follow the latest health guidelines.

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