Republican slammed for making 'idiotic joke' about coronavirus masks before going on live TV

Former Republican governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee posted a bizarre picture on Twitter in which he wore a green monster mask and "joked" about the US’s shortage of face masks that protect healthcare workers from coronavirus.

Huckabee suggested that after being asked to wear a face mask to appear on Fox News with host Sean Hannity, it was the only mask he could get his hands on.

Ha. Ha. Ha.

Yes Mike, that is the reality for many health workers who cannot access the necessary protective equipment as they treat people who are suffering from Covid-19. But we doubt they’re finding it as hilarious as you.

As coronavirus cases soar, the world’s richest country is running out of a piece of kit that costs 75 cents. And healthcare facilities are facing closure due to the unsafe position it is putting doctors and nurses in.

To say people found it offensive would be an understatement.

Though to be fair to Huckabee, he is merely taking influence from Trump, who only days ago who 'jokingly' stepped back, and then returned to the side of White House's coronavirus task force response coordinator Dr Deborah Birx, after she mentioned her “low-grade fever”.

What we want to know is, how many more people will have to die of Covid-19 before the people elected to protect them take this virus seriously?

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