Devastating video compares everything Jacinda Ardern got right with what Boris Johnson got wrong

A revealing new video compares New Zealand’s swift response to handling the coronavirus pandemic against the UK’s approach.

At the time of writing, New Zealand has just 1,488 confirmed Covid-19 cases with 21 deaths.

This compares to more than 195,000 confirmed cases and 29,427 deaths in the UK – the most number of deaths than any other country in Europe.

Now a new video is comparing how each country chose to handle the pandemic.

It shows Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s refusal to adopt a herd immunity approach, while Boris Johnson can be seen telling journalists his strategy is to “take it on the chin” and “allow the disease to move through the population”.

It also explores the UK’s lack of preparation in securing personal protective equipment for health workers, as well as restrictions on quarantining after travel.

Ardern said in the video:

We have done what very few countries have been able to do. We have stopped a wave of devastation.

While Boris Johnson attempted to praise the UK government’s response, amid the worst coronavirus-related fatalities in Europe:

I know there will be many people looking now at our apparent success.

The eye-opening video caused many to comment at their disgust over how the UK has handled the pandemic:

Then the calls for Jacinda Ardern to become the UK’s PM began:

The UK population is around 66.5 million people and New Zealand has just 4.8 million.

But it’s undeniable that a strict tracking policy and quarantining measures have helped maintain relatively low levels of spread within New Zealand.

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