People apparently want to move to New Zealand after the way it handled coronavirus
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Americans are apparently very interested in moving to New Zealand after the country was one of the first to eliminate Covid-19.

The New Zealand government's immigration office released figures of visits to its website over the past couple of months – and found that visits to the website from Americans increased by 37 per cent compared to April last year, and 65 per cent compared to May last year.

Similar trends were apparently spotted after the 2016 Brexit referendum, and after Trump was elected in 2016.

And people pointed out that people could have had a similar leadership, if they'd only voted for it.

New Zealand is widely considered a Covid-19 success story – the country locked down early, in February, after one confirmed death. So far, roughly 1,500 people have been confirmed as infected with Covid-19, but there have only been 22 deaths.

This is believed to be down to a combination of the early lockdown, along with strict border controls, quarantine procedures and leadership from Jacinda Ardern, who held regular TV briefings and communicated to people that they would have to stay in doors.

Apparently, people from the UK were also interested in relocating – visits to the website by people based in the UK went up by 18.5 per cent in May too.

However, new Zealand's borders are still closed, so people may be disappointed.

Some real estate agents have said that there is an uptick in interest from residents elsewhere in the world looking at properties in New Zealand, but they’ve admitted themselves that this may be NZ citizens who just don’t live in the country.

Visa applications are currently on hold, with visa processing centres and offices are closed despite an increase in applications.

If you’re considering the possibility of making the big move, then you might have to get in line and wait for a while longer.

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