By now you've probably seen the viral meme of the dancing pallbearers at a funeral in Ghana.

It's probably one of the best and funniest memes to emerge this year and his inspired many jokes and iterations.

You get the idea. It's a harmless bit of fun and just a joke that should in no way be linked to more serious topics.

However, there are always a few that will spoil it for others and in this case, it is a TikTok video, which has since been deleted, of what appears to be nurses recreating the meme with a Covid-19 body bag.

According to the Daily Mail, this video was reportedly made in San Juan, Puerto Rico and has caused outrage after as many deemed it to be in bad taste.

One defender of the video claimed that the nurses were dancing with a body that was supposed to represent Covid-19 and not an actual person.

This is hardly the first time that healthcare workers have landed themselves in trouble during the pandemic for making a viral video.

NHS nurses in Tavistock, Devon after being accused of 'cultural appropriation' for using a traditional Maori Haka dance to show their defiance against coronavirus.

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