Here's how to have sex responsibly during coronavirus, according to experts

Here's how to have sex responsibly during coronavirus, according to experts

One thing that doesn’t seem to be lessening in a pandemic: the incredible horn of the public.

Dating apps are still going strong, with reports from around the globe of people finding love (or at least a quick shag) in the time of corona.

Users of the likes of Grindr and Tinder are reporting still being approached for hook-ups.

Writing in TheNew York Times, playwright Phillip Dawkins even recounted one man becoming irked when he asked him why he wasn’t following social distancing guidelines.

“I don’t believe in this. I don’t believe the media,” the man apparently said, before blocking Dawkins.

It should go without saying, but right now, hooking up is not a good idea.

At a time when social distancing measures are being encouraged, having sex with brand new partners (or any partners that don’t live in your house and can isolate with you) only threatens to exacerbate disease spread.

Scientists have also warned that partners should take a break from getting jiggy if one is in a high-risk group, like being over 70 or pregnant.

Helpfully, the New York City Health Department have released comprehensive guidelines on how to have safe sex during the crisis.

And people are really enjoying the advice.

Some succinctly boiled down the main takeaways, the most important being that your “safest sex partner” is currently… you.

Others were really impressed by how inclusive and sex-positive the guide was.

Other titbits the guide includes is taking extra care to wash any toys used during sex and that acts like rimming or kissing can pass on the virus.

So whatever hole you’re kissing, take care.

As one smart cookie pointed out, the end goal is to reduce contact with people and ultimately flatten the curve.

Of course, phone sex is a thing... although millennials may have to overcome a crippling fear of calling one another.

But honestly; you can have just as much fun on your own.

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