'Oh dear I've just caught fire!': Vicar accidentally sets arm on fire while recording virtual sermon

At a time of social distancing, people are having to get a bit more creative with every aspect of their lives... including their faiths.

That's what Reverend Stephen Beach, from St Budeaux Parish Church in Plymouth was trying to do by recording a virtual sermon for his parishioners. Unfortunately all did not go to plan.

Towards the end of his service, the vicar got a little too close to the atmospheric candles he'd placed on his desk, and paused his sermon to exclaim:

Oh dear, I've just caught fire!

Not exactly what one expects during a religious service.

The clip was posted on Twitter by the vicar's niece Laura Evans, who found it all rather amusing.

Don't worry though, no vicars were harmed in the making of these viral videos. It seems the reverent – cool as a cucumber – managed to put out the smoke with his bear hands. Evans confirms that he is absolutely fine, except for a small hole in his favourite "sermon jumper".

People were very into the vicar's delightfully British response to catching fire.

The Church of England has closed all its London buildings after public worship was suspended across the country and replaced with online versions, and yesterday saw the first ever completely virtual Sunday Service led by the Archbishop of Canterbury (without incident, that we know of).

Everyone watch out for open flames while videoconferencing!

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