Coronavirus test offered to someone 350 miles away in Scotland inspires a lot of jokes
Quinn Rooney / Phil Inglis / Getty Images

A south London resident was offered a coronavirus test over 350 miles away in Scotland.

The East Dulwich constituent's local MP, Helen Hayes, shared a screenshot of the suggestion on Twitter.

The unnamed person was told their nearest walk-in test site was 355.8 miles away in St Andrews.

Despite the fact that travelling untested risks spreading the virus, the government are recommending walks to testing centres of up to 500 miles.

Other people have also been recommended extremely long walks to test centres.

The government were criticised for their "complete failure" to offer accessible local testing to all.

Some people mused that Dominic Cummings's 260 mile trip to Durham in May suddenly all made sense.

And others likened the journey's length to The Proclaimers's 'I'm Gonna Be'.

So much for a "world beating" test, track and trace system.

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