US conservative complains his country has been destroyed because he had to social distance when buying a toaster

The coronavirus lockdown has caused numerous people to act in a variety of ways, especially in the United States.

You either hunker down and get on with, saving yourself from any potential infection or get so angry that you decide to go outside and protest the fact that you can't get the virus because you are being told to stay away from others.

This brings us to a trip to a department store by a Fox News radio host who wanted to buy a toaster oven but had such a bad experience with social distancing that he claimed the United States of America had been 'destroyed.'

On Friday, Todd Starnes recounted an attempt to buy toaster oven where he was made to stand an appropriate distance away from other customers and also wear a mask and apply hand sanitiser. Why he couldn't have ordered the toaster online is a mystery.

In his despair, he claimed that America had been lost and apparently gave up on his effort to buy a toaster oven.

Unfortunately for Starnes his anguish didn't resonate with many who were more than happy to mock the conservative for having to stand in a line and protect himself from a virus that has already killed more 292,000 people worldwide.

Despite all this, it's not entirely obvious why he left the store without the toaster oven that he so desperately needed.

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