Trump campaign shares doctored video of Joe Biden calling coronavirus a 'hoax'

Trump campaign shares doctored video of Joe Biden calling coronavirus a 'hoax'
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President Trump's re-election campaign tweeted a doctored video of Joe Biden saying "coronavirus is a hoax".

The video imitates an ad released by a Democrat campaign group that features audio of the president saying "it's their new hoax".

They claim its purpose is to point out the media's double standard of censoring pro-Trump content whilst allowing the Democrats to take the president's words out of context.

In late March, Democrat super-PAC Priorities USA Action Fund released an ad showing the changes in President Trump's attitude towards coronavirus over time.

Early in the video, Trump can be heard saying "this is their new hoax".

Technically, he was referring to the Democrats politicising coronavirus rather than the existence of the virus itself.

In response, President Trump's lawyers sent cease and desist letters to television stations playing the ad.

Priorities USA doubled down, calling for more donations to keep their ad on air.

Trump War Room is a Twitter account that campaigns for the president's re-election through online events and memes.

They say splicing together two separate Joe Biden quotes to make it sound like he says coronavirus is a hoax points out media hypocrisy.

But what's to say this won't be taken out of context itself?

A spokesperson for Biden told media company Axios that:

This is a wildly irresponsible tactic by the Trump campaign that attempts to draw a bizarre and false equivalence, and is purposefully misleading voters.

It's ironic that Trump War Room shared this video, given that they say their purpose is "fighting #FakeNews".

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