England’s vaccine rollout will be extended to under-40s from Thursday morning.
England’s vaccine rollout will be extended to under-40s from Thursday morning.

Getting the coronavirus vaccine could win you $1 million. But there’s a geographical catch.

The governor of Ohio, Mike DeWine is running jab lottery for five weeks, in which those who have received their first jab will have their names put in a figurative hat. If their name is drawn, that’s a cool million.

So, you have to live in Ohio, and be over the age of 18 to win the cash, which will be paid for from federal coronavirus funds, raising the question: why has Ohio got a spare $5 million in coronavirus funds?

But anyway, that’s the catch so excuse us while we quickly Google flights to Ohio.

Ohio isn’t the only state that has offered cash incentives to people to get the jab. West Virginia offered $100 saving bonds to people between the ages of 16 and 35 and New Jersey dished out free beers. New York offered free MetroCards for anyone who gets a shot at a subway vaccination site, and Krispy Kreme even gave out free doughnuts to vaccinated people, an offer which would make us inject many things into our muscle tissue.

And that’s not all from DeWine. In addition to the $1m lotteries, he announced that to incentivise children aged 12-17 to get vaccines, the state would draw the name of one vaccinated child to receive a full, four-year college scholarship at a state university – including fees for room, board, and books.

But his plan got a mixed response on social media. Some people thought it was a brilliant idea:

While others had harsher words:

His move is an attempt to stop jab hesitancy. Vaccination rates have been dropping in recent weeks and some states have been turning down supplies as vaccine clinics and pharmacies struggle to fill appointments.

Whether this will help remains to be seen, but there’s no doubt about it – it’s bold policy.

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