<p>Brad Lander has had been caught eight times in five years by speed cameras that he campaigned for</p>

Brad Lander has had been caught eight times in five years by speed cameras that he campaigned for

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A New York City council representative has been nabbed eight times in five years by the same speed cameras that he campaigned for.

This is according to reporting from the New York Post, which cited the NYC Open Data website, which showed these incidents took place between now and 2016.

Each time the speeding restrictions were violated, Brad Lander was hit with a $50 fine (£36). Luckily for Lander, getting caught by the cameras is better than getting caught by the police. If they stop you, you get points put on your driving license. If it was the cops, it would have 28 points. 11 points in a span of 18 months means a suspended license.

Brad Lander pushed for speed cameras in school zones, going to such dramatic measures as getting arrested outside the state Senator Marty Golden’s office in Brooklyn. He was a part of a protest to get him to vote to renew the speed camera initiative in 2018.

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In the statement that was issued after he was arrested, he took aim at Golden’s own non-stellar driving record, which included 10 school district tickets in three years and hitting a 74-year-old woman who was using the crosswalk. She died 5 months later.

It read, “Golden’s failure to reauthorise the camera program - in light of his own record of reckless driving, and the consequences of our kids - is both obscene and dangerous.”

Since 2013, Lander has broken 118 traffic and vehicle rules, including parking violations.

However, Naomi Dann, a representative from his current campaign to be voted comptroller said about his record in a statement, “Brad has been a strong advocate for safe streets including campaigning to expand the school speed zone cameras. Because of that campaign, there are more cameras around and more tickets being issued, which is a good thing for street safety.”

Mr Lander said: “I have some personal accounting to do. The New York Post recently looked at my driving (and parking) record, and I am not proud of it. So I’m making some specific commitments to change.”

He promised to drive less, and “slow down”.

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