South Lanarkshire council’s deputy leader, who oversaw the closure of public toilets in his area, has been caught publicly urinating by police.

Labour councillor Jackie Burns was caught in the act in Hamilton town centre and given a fixed penalty notice of £40 by police on Saturday.

Councillor Burns has since apologised for the incident:

I was in a taxi rank at the Bottom Cross in Hamilton and needed the toilet. I went down a lane to relieve myself and was approached by police, who gave me a £40 fine which I have duly paid. I am embarrassed by the incident and have apologised.

A Police Scotland spokesperson said:

A 51-year-old man was issued with a fixed penalty ticket in relation to a minor act of anti-social behaviour within Hamilton town centre on Saturday 7 November.

In May, Burns announced the closure of public toilets due to budget constraints. In a statement, he said:

Unfortunately, as part of the Scottish Government's financial settlement, South Lanarkshire Council has had to cut £22 million from its budget, which has resulted in all public conveniences in the council closing.

(HT Daily Telegraph)

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