This is the thing couples argue about the most

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Contrary to popular opinion, it's not the washing up or forgotten anniversaries that get in-between couples.

More than half of married couples point the finger at their in-laws for being the cause of their arguments, according to a survey of 2,000 Brits by Slater and Gordon.

This includes their in-laws giving unwanted opinions, disagreeing over how to parent their grandchildren, and causing their partners to take their parents' side.

Almost a third said their in-laws interfere; and on average they caused conflict one every month – while one in five say their in-laws were responsible for a lack of privacy in their own marriage.

A crafty 36 per cent said they made up excuses or made other plans when they know their in-laws were coming to visit.

And one in five say their in-laws expect more in return if they have to borrow money, such as taking more interest in how their money is spent.

Forgetting anniversaries doesn't seem like such a big deal, all of a sudden.

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