Cornish choristers raise money for 10,000 Covid-19 vaccines through song

Choristers fund 10,000 vaccines for poorer countries
Choristers fund 10,000 vaccines for poorer countries

Young cathedral choristers in Truro Cornwall have raised funds for 10,000 Covid-19 vaccines in poorer countries with a singing project.

The singers were able to raise £8,434 for Unicef with the Sing2G7 project, which saw children and young people around the world send a musical message to G7 leaders ahead of the summit in June.

The project inspired more than 27,000 children in 31 countries to take part, with the Sing2G7 organisers and choristers deciding to give all of the royalties from their single to VaccinAid.

Head chorister Jacob, 13, said: “I can’t quite believe that by singing a song we have enabled 10,000 people to be vaccinated. It’s amazing.

“Thank you so much to everyone who made a donation.”


The project attracted support from former prime minister Gordon Brown who sent a video message to 1,400 children who joined a “mega Zoom” at the time of the G7 summit.

Chorister Trystan, 10, said: “It’s really exciting to think people thousands of miles away, who couldn’t get vaccines before, will get them now.

“I feel so proud to have been part of Sing2G7 and to have helped to make this happen.”


The song – Gee Seven – began with 35 choristers aged eight to 18, with more than 27,000 people signing up to post recordings online and organising their own performances.

The Very Reverend Roger Bush, Dean of Truro, said: “I’m very proud of our choristers.

“It’s a significant sum they’ve raised for VaccinAid, that really will make a concrete difference in some of the poorest countries in the world.

“This is a very practical way of loving our neighbour and I’d like to thank everyone who supported the choristers in doing just that.”

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