Rishi Sunak called out for ‘out of touch’ chat with chef Gordon Ramsay as hospitality industry struggles

On the left, Rishi Sunak smiles at the camera in a white collared shirt and black tie. On the right, Gordon Ramsay, in a  blue shirt, is smiling. He appears to be sitting in a kitchen, with wine glasses and a metal counter behind him.
HM Treasury/Flickr

Rishi Sunak as been criticised after meeting with celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay to discuss the pandemic’s impact on the hospitality sector.

The conversation is part of Sunak’s new initiative to speak to business leaders to understand their response to the coronavirus crisis.

“It starts tomorrow with Gordon Ramsay who sat down with me to talk about the challenges facing hospitality and how he launched a TV show in lockdown,” Sunak tweeted.

People questioned the chancellor’s decision to approach a celebrity figure about the issue, with user questioning if Ramsay was a “true reflection” of an industry which has been “so seriously affected”:

Some suggested other famous faces to be a part of Sunak’s new series:

Meanwhile, fellow hospitality workers called on the chancellor to speak to them, as well:

The controversy is a rare occasion where Ramsay isn’t the one doing the roasting.

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