The age at which our creativity peaks


Getting older just got a little bit worse.

No matter how gracefully you age; your joints are going to start aching, you'll start to forget things, and that's not the half of it.

A study found that our cognitive skills, or more specifically our ability to think creatively, decline from a certain age.

Scientists have been studying the way in which humans think randomly, a skill which requires a complex combination of attention and memory.

A study involving 3400 people aged from 4 to 91, tested the ability to generate random sequences by asking participates to create hypothetical lists of results from flipping coins.

Researchers from Karolinska Institute in Stockholm and LABORES Research Lab in Paris found that the random ability declines at 25.

Hector Zenil told New Scientist that age was the key factor. He said:

Neither gender, language spoken, beliefs nor education level had any impact.

Scientist Martin Fischer from the University of Potsdam added:

This is the first time that we can see how randomness changes across the whole age range.

H/T New Scientist

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