Customer tries to shame artist for posting 'inappropriate' painting, she responds perfectly

Istock / Reddit

Most people know that all art is subjective. But that doesn’t stop everyone from thinking they’re a critic.

Recently, Reddit user I-Have-A-Headache got their own share of this irritating part of human nature.

After getting back into art after studying biology, the artist became fascinated with exploring the female form.

She has shared an exchange with a supposedly refined art collector, who took offence to the subject matter of her work.

When he realised a piece of her work featured female masturbation, he continually low-balled her, reducing the price and labelling it “inappropriate”.

Dumbfounded by this odd and insulting approach, the artist has shared the exchange for all to see.

Reddit users were united in their mockery of the dealer in question.

H/T: BoredPanda

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