Cyclist smashes into woman on phone as he races towards finish line

A cyclist crashed into a pedestrian who absentmindedly crossed the street during a high-space race finish.

The incident took place at the Cicloturista Condaca Salmor Bike event in the Canary Islands of Spain on Saturday. The pedestrian in question attempted to crossed the street right as a cyclist was racing towards the finish line.

The woman was looking down at her phone, and did not notice the cyclist coming towards her.

The cyclist, rushing to the finish line at the end of his 88-kilometer race, was unable to slow down.

The pair smash to the floor Youtube

The woman was knocked off her feet, phone flying out of her hands and into the air, and the cyclist fell from his bike and smashed into the ground. Emergency services were immediately called to the scene.

Canary Islands local news outlet Canarias 7 reported that the cyclist was taken to Hospital Nuestra Señora de Los Reyes and suffered a moderate head injury and temporary memory loss.

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A spokesman confirmed: “An injured cyclist in El Hierro has been taken to hospital following a collision with another person. The information we received was that the cyclist had run over another person during a sporting event. The cyclist appeared from a first evaluation to be suffering from non-serious head injuries.”

A police investigation is under way.

Video of the incident shows the painful impact of the crash, with horrified screams from spectators standing near the finish line.

The incident is reminiscent of a crash that occurred at Tour de France earlier this year when a a spectator veered too close to the middle of the road and caused a pileup of cyclists.

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