Dad furious as pub refuses to serve his disabled son for his 18th birthday celebrations

Dad furious as pub refuses to serve his disabled son for his 18th birthday celebrations
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A dad has expressed his anger at the landlord of his local pub, accusing them of refusing to serve his disabled son a pint for his 18th birthday and calling the decision "blatant discrimination in its worst form".

Jim Green from Wimborne in Dorset used to be a regular at The Dorset Soldier in Corfe Mullen for six years, along with his 18-year-old son Haydn who has autism and a global development delay.

But this changed last December when Haydn was denied a pint, despite being of legal drinking age.

A table had been booked at the pub for Haydn's milestone birthday celebrations on December 17 - five days after Haydn's actual birthday on December 12.

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"It was around a week before Hadyn's party and I was in the pub talking to Geoff, the landlord," Jim said, as per The Sun.

"I mentioned to him that I might limit Hadyn to two pints on his birthday, and then he said to me that he might not be able to serve him at all."

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Shocked by this, Jim informed the pub landlord he "would have to serve him as he will be 18 years old," since according to PopplestonAllen, the UK's largest firm of licensing solicitors, their website says:

"Common law states that a licensee can refuse service to anyone he or she chooses, provided the refusal is not on grounds of sex, race, disability, gender, sexual orientation and religion or belief."

However after leaving the pub, this heated disagreement continued over text, as the dad shared screenshots of the conversation with landlord Geoffrey Mockford.

Some of the texts from Geoffrey allegedly say "Hadyn is not a normal 18-year-old and has a lower mental capacity for his years".

He also compared giving alcohol to Hayden with "giving alcohol to a 9 year old," and that as a landlord he had to show "due diligence" as he "did not want to risk his license".

Though Jim argues that even though Haydn has disabilities, he can made decisions himself and understands the consequences of drinking excess alcohol.

"He has been in the pub with me when the football has been on and he has seen people getting drunk and he is aware of the consequences of drinking too much," Jim said.

"He won't be drinking on his own anyway, I will always be with him."

In the end, Haydn's celebrations went ahead at the pub on December 17, as it was too near Christmas to change the venue and Jim claims Haydn wasn't served a pint.

"I went to order two pints of lager, one for me and one for Hadyn, and I was told that one of them would have to be a shandy if it was for Haydn," Jim said.

Pub landlord Geoffrey Mockford refused to serve Haydn a pint because "he could be a danger to himself and others." iStockphoto by Getty Images

"I just think it's blatant discrimination, we don't have a problem in other pubs we go into.

"I am going to keep fighting for Hadyn, because if I don't who else is going to?"

The single dad also noted how Haydn "misses going to the pub" and not going has had a "detrimental effect on him," as he doesn't see some of his friends anymore.

However, landlord Geoff has not changed his stance on the matter.

"I am just exercising my right as a licensee, I can refuse to serve anyone I don't have to give a reason, it's the law," he told The Sun.

"He was drinking on his 18th birthday, and I have not refused him service.

"I just think he should be having shandy rather than lager.

He added: "I have got to think of customers as well as him, I am just doing my job, he could be a danger to himself and others.

"He has a mental age of 8/9 years old I don't understand why as a responsible parent you would want to encourage him to have alcohol."

Meanwhile Jim also got in touch with the pub's brewery called Hall and Woodhouse and it sided with Geoffrey Mockford's decision.

The brewery allegedly said in a email to Jim that while "Hadyn is welcome at the pub" they "support" Geoff's view as it appears to be "in line with the licensing objectives, and not based on discrimination."

Indy100 has contacted Hall & Woodhouse for comment.

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