New dad roasted by wife as she shares ‘hilarious’ childbirth quotes

New dad roasted by wife as she shares ‘hilarious’ childbirth quotes

A video containing a series of comments made by a new dad during childbirth, presented as fake motivational messages, has gone viral online.

In the Instagram reel, which has now been played more than 3.5 million times, Alabama farmer Jessica Perez is seen in labour, with her husband Kent by her side, before cutting to several artsy, faux-inspirational quotes made by her husband during the delivery.

Set against a backdrop of mountains, flowers and stars, Mr Perez’s comments read: “At least you get the comfy bed. I have to sleep on this tiny couch.

“Are you almost done? The cafeteria closes soon and they have taco bowls tonight.

“My back is killing me.”

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The video concludes with one final quote: “There’s no way I’m looking down there. You can’t come back from that.”

For extra comedic effect, the video is soundtracked by Vanessa Miles’ “A Thousand Miles”, a popular meme song known for its iconic piano melody. 

“There is this whole trend of doing a juxtaposition of quotes,” Perez explained to TODAY Parents.

Followers were quick to respond to the post, with some sharing their own partner’s quotes and mishaps during such an important moment.

One user wrote: “Oh man same, including ‘I love being here, it’s like a vacation and they bring you snacks.”

“My husband had to go to the chiropractor after my first delivery… that couch bed really hurt him,” commented another.

Following the success of the first video, the mother of four soon posted a follow-up.

“4 kids. 4 deliveries. He never learned,” the caption reads.

In the reel, Kent is quoted as saying: “Breastfeeding is easy, you just pull up your shirt and stick it on there.

“I’ve got to sit down. I’ve been standing up forever,” the third and final quote reads.

While many saw the funny side, Perez clarified that the videos were just “playful banter”.

“You saw a 15-second video where I took my husband’s jokes out of context and you think my marriage is doomed. 

“I was the youngest of six kids and four of my siblings were brothers and they always teased me really hard. I learned at a young age what was playful, loving, teasing and what is actually mean-spirited behaviour,” she said.

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