The Daily Mail is more right wing than the Express... According to the public

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The Daily Mail is currently seen as more right wing on balance than the Daily Express, The Sun and The Telegraph.

Research by YouGov has gauged the perceptions of the British public of mainstream media outlets.

The most read newspaper in the country was found to be the most right wing, according to the public, 44 per cent of which found the Daily Mail to be "very right wing".

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The Guardian was found to be the most left wing outlet, with 16 per cent calling it "very left wing", meanwhile the Independent was found to be the most centrist, deemed "centre" by 37 per cent.

Three of the eight publications surveyed were found to bend to the left wing to varying degrees, while five favoured the right.

YouGov also surveyed people's personal ideology compared to that of the paper they appraised.

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Amazingly 29 per cent of very or fairly left wing people thought the Mirror was fairly or very right wing.

In addition nearly 23 per cent of fairly or very right wing people considered the Sun very or fairly left wing.

Maybe the similar red-top mastheads are causing mistaken identity?

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