People love this tool to find their Daily Mail name

People love this tool to find their Daily Mail name
Picture: Aaron Gillies

If you're travelling back home for the holidays today, odds are you're going to get very angry very quickly.

It's Frantic Friday after all, the peak day for the great getaway on planes, trains and automobiles.

So if you're sat on a platform clutching a cold coffee, here's a little something to amuse you and your fellow travellers.

Last year Aaron Gillies, aka TechnicallyRon from Twitter, designed the following poster based on words and phrases used in Daily Mail articles.

You know this will be good.

Picture: Aaron Gillies

You just use the first letter of your first name, and the first initial of your second name to generate your very own Daily Mail moniker.

Here are some famous people reimagined using the above, fun game:

(We're not saying it's accurate)

Theresa May becomes Frumpy MP

Donald Trump becomes Dazzling Benefits Cheater

Jacob Reese-Mog becomes Gritty Puffy MP

Boris Johnson becomes Skinny Feminist

Jack Nicholson becomes Gritty Environmentalist

Will Smith becomes Drunk Housewife

Denzel Washington becomes Dazzling 1970s DJ

Dwayne Johnson becomes Dazzling Feminist

LeBron James becomes Smug Feminist

Taylor Swift – Frumpy Housewife

As for the indy100 team…

Narjas Zatat – Sensational Left-Wing Scum

Joe Vesey-Byrne – Gritty nurse

Evan Bartlett – Creepy Immigrant

Jessica Brown – Gritty Immigrant

Josh Withey – Gritty 1970s DJ

Go forth, and Daily Mail yourself.

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