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The front page of the Daily Mail on Thursday morning looked pretty standard, until you take a closer look.

The paper, which used highly inaccurate age recognition software in order to determine the ages of some of refugee children arriving from Calais earlier in the week, has continued its campaign..

The Mail and other tabloids allege that some of the arrivals may not be young than 18, despite home office statements to the contrary.

As Microsoft told indy100 on Wednesday, the software is intended only for recreational use, is by no means accurate, and is not a government approved piece of kit.

For Thursday, the paper chose to lead with the call by former home secretary Jack Straw, for migrant children arriving from Calais to have their ages verified.


With apparently no sense of irony, or ability to look over a front page for blatant hypocrisy, the second story of Thursday's edition was this:


We'll have to check their teeth, obviously...

HT Hrtbps

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