This newspaper used a picture of the white cliffs of Dover for a Brexit story, but there's a major problem

Louis Staples
Thursday 29 March 2018 15:00

Thursday 29 March marks exactly one year until the UK formally exits the EU.

Naturally, this occasion has been covered heavily by the press. Remain supporting newspaper The Guardian marked the countdown with an interview with Gina Miller, the lawyer whose legal challenge forced the government to allow a parliamentary vote on the final Brexit deal.

Unsurprisingly, pro-Brexit newspapers adopted an altogether different tone, with one in particular raising eyebrows.

After the cover of The Daily Express was revealed on social media, Twitter users were quick to point out the irony of a cliff edge being used to positively illustrate the great unknown of Brexit.

But Justin Foulkes, the photographer of the original image, has claimed that his photo has been edited to make Dover's famous white cliffs appear more white.

The original image, which can be found in image bank Getty Images, appears to show the cliffs with a more substantial growth of green grass.

But did The Daily Express alter the image to make the cliffs appear more white? If so, why would the pro-Brexit newspaper have decided to do this?

Indy100 has contacted The Daily Express for comment.

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