Daniel Sloss standup clip recirculates as he's praised for speaking out against Russell Brand

Daniel Sloss standup clip recirculates as he's praised for speaking out against Russell Brand

Daniel Sloss praised for speaking out against Russell Brand

Russell Brand: In Plain Sight, Dispatches/Channel 4

Comedian Daniel Sloss is being praised by viewers after he spoke out against Russell Brand in a joint investigation from Channel 4 and The Times.

Brand, 48, has been accused of rape, sexual assault, and abuse by four women. In a video uploaded to the comedian's social media platforms on Friday night (September 15) before the allegations were made public, Brand said he "absolutely refute[s]" the claims made towards him. He told viewers that all relationships he had were "absolutely always consensual".

During the Channel 4 Dispatches, it was revealed that comedians who worked in the industry at the same time as Brand were contacted, but only one was willing to speak on camera.

That comedian was Daniel Sloss. As Sloss, 33, sits down to talk to an off-screen interviewer, he says, "this is scary, this is intimidating, and if I'm scared of this, and there's almost no consequences to me, what do people who have suffered, and been subject to, his alleged behaviours, how must they feel?"

"I couldn't not say something," the Scottish comedian goes on to say. "There were many stories, it wasn't just coming from one person or one group of people, it was different incidents [...] and of varying degrees of severity.

"I'm stood in artist bars, with agents, promoters, channel commissioners, and I'm hearing these allegations, and these rumours, about Russell in the same room as these people are in. And then later on, he would be in a movie, he would be on a television show, he would be hosting something. He was still being employed."

Sloss went on to say that he knew of female comedians setting up WhatsApp groups to warn one another of comedians and others in the industry to avoid. "I know for many, many years, women have been warning each other about Russell," he shares.

Sloss' appearance on the documentary brought in a lot of praise from viewers, many also took the opportunity to repost a clip from his Netflix special 'X' which tackles sexual assault.

In the clip, Sloss says, "There are monsters amongst us, and they look like us. If you are sick of the narrative that's currently going on about men, feel free to change it, but you have to get involved.

"Don't make the same mistake I did for years, which was just sitting back and being like, 'well, I'm not a part of the problem, therefore I must be part of the solution,'" Sloss tells his audience. Going on to say that he knows "most men are good", but if men don't do anything about the minority that are dangerous "they might as well not f***ing be there."

Sloss tells men to "prevent" rape, rather than having a "hero complex of being like, 'I'm going to beat up a rapist.'"

After the documentary aired, many took the time to share the clip on social media and commend Sloss for continuing to speak up against predatory behaviour.

As the Dispatches program aired Saturday night, Brand was performing a sold out show, telling audience members they would "appreciate" that there were certain things he could not talk about.

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