Danny Dyer just eviscerated the government and now people want him to be PM

Danny Dyer just eviscerated the government and now people want him to be PM

Danny Dyer has had it with people "who all went to the same school" running the country.

The Eastenders actor told BBC Breakfast that "we need some working class people" in power, rather than a string of "people who went to Eton"; 20 British prime ministers attended the school – which currently charges £43,000 a year in tuition fees – including Boris Johnson and David Cameron.

Dyer told the BBC:

My one rant would be that we must learn now that the people who went to Eton can't run this country. They've done it, they've tried to do it, and this little small group who all went to the same school in the same class, it doesn't work. 

I feel we need some working class people that have lived a real life, people who are in touch with what's going on in reality, to maybe come to the front now and start getting involved in how this country's run. 

Dyer was praised for "talking sense".

Some people want to see him in power.

But he dismissed the idea of entering politics on the show, saying:

I'm too busy. I've got a game show on at the moment, I've got another podcast with my daughter and of course I'm in the greatest soap that there's ever been.

So let's just watch the government unravel themselves and try to stay safe. Not catch this thing and on the other side I'm sure we're all going to be better, stronger, more considerate people for it. 

Dyer has talked politics on numerous occasions, though.

Like that time he called David Cameron a "t***". Repeatedly, on TV.

He's also called Nigel Farage a "pr*** in a suit" and tore into Boris Johnson for "spouting bollocks".

Donald Trump, meanwhile, is off his "strange looking nut", according to Dyer.

So while we might not get to see prime minister Danny Dyer any time soon, rest assured that he'll continue providing (expletive-laden) opposition to those who are in power.

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