Brexiteer says Corbyn will be PM by next year and Britain will stay in the EU - and people are delighted

Andy Gregory
Tuesday 25 June 2019 09:15
(Jeff J Mitchell/Peter Summers/Ben Stansall/Christopher Furlong/Getty Images/Twitter)

In these strange times, good news can come from the unlikeliest of places.

Amid the depressing stories currently flooding our consciousness at home and abroad – the debate over the UK's future leader rightly becoming second place to discussions about domestic abuse, reports of shocking maltreatment of migrant children in US detention centres, and rising tensions with Iran – an unlikely voice emerged from the shadows predicting the sort of outcome the left hardly dares to hope for.

While self-described “right-leaning commentator and Brexit campaigner” Darren Grimes no doubt intended to act as a harbinger of Tory doom with his tweet on Monday, he certainly painted a rosy future for other areas of the electorate.

Mr Grimes' vision for the fate of the UK acts as a sort of left-wing wish list, delivered on a timeline not even the most optimistic "Corbynista" could envisage.

The campaigner was soon swamped with positive responses.

Some felt sadly unable to share Mr Grimes' optimism.

Others, clearly inspired by this vision of hope – and Mr Grimes' £20,000 fine by the Electoral Commission over breaching spending rules in the 2016 referendum campaign –​ had a few wishes of their own to add.

If even a few of Mr Grimes' predictions come true, New Year's Eve celebrations across the country could be pretty wild.

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