New dating app seeks to build peace in the Middle East, by connecting Israelis and Palestinians

Who knew you could swipe right for peace in the Middle East?

Verona is a new app designed to connect people caught up in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, whether they’re looking for love, friendship, or just reaching out across the divide.

The app, named after the hometown of star-cross’d lovers Romeo and Juliet, works in a very similar way to Tinder, but just in case anyone needs a refresher:

New York based app designer Matthew Nolan told website Refinery29 he got the idea for Verona after talking with a Palestinian friend who had just started dating an Israeli woman.

“I very much believe that the basis of any relationship is communication,” Nolan said.

I feel like there’s a secular, liberal youth base in both cultures who just want change, they just want f*cking peace. And, I want these selfies, images of people who have met, to show that this is bullshit... If there’s war, more conflict, I want people to know that it’s completely invalid. This is going to be the first step.

  • Matthew Nolan, designer
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