David Cameron declares war on seagulls, definitely has his priorities right

Following a series of violent attacks by seagulls on people in Cornwall, David Cameron has said he wants to start a "big conversation" about the "aggressive" birds.

In the March 2015 budget £250,000 was earmarked for a research project into aggressive behaviour from seagulls but it was axed after the general election as it was considered to be "low priority".

But the prime minister has changed his tune this week after seagulls attacked and killed a Yorkshire Terrier in Newquay and turned over and ate a pet tortoise alive "like a crab" (£) in nearby Liskeard.

Speaking on BBC Radio Cornwall's Breakfast programme on Friday, Cameron said:

I think this is a very difficult subject... and I think it’s a dangerous one for a prime minister to dive in and come up with an instant answer.

Several MPs have called for a change in the law which would allow the culling of seagulls so their presence in urban areas can be controlled better.

St Austell and Newquay's MP, Steve Double, said that his constituents view seagulls as “nothing more than flying rats” and suggested to The Telegraph that the birds should be sterilised.

While we wait for an answer on whether the government is going to do another U-turn on the issue of killer birds, we suggest anyone being troubled by the winged menaces take a leaf out of this Welshman's book:


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