David Gauke, the parliamentary candidate for South West Hertfordshire, has produced a stunning viral video with a punchline worthy of a classic comedy sketch.

Gauke joined 20 other rebel Tories to vote against Boris Johnson’s government in September and was subsequently expelled from the party.

The politician is now sitting as an independent and it seems to have led to creative freedom on the campaign trail.

A video posted online by Gauke complete with the caption, “Meet Jim, a dismayed longstanding Conservative who’s backing me.”

In the footage, Gauke says:

Hello, David Gauke here. Independent candidate for South West Hertfordshire.

Now one of the things that we are finding in this election campaign is lots of long-standing Conservative voters who are unhappy with the direction of the Conservative party and are looking to vote elsewhere and I have got one here. It’s Jim.

Jim replies:

I have been a Conservative voter now for over 50 years. I have always been middle of the road… I am dismayed what has happened to the Conservative Party now…

I could not vote for the Conservative Party now or the Labour Party of course.  Where I live, I would have to vote Liberal Democrat. 

If I was living in your constituency, I would certainly vote for you.

And then the punchline, expertly delivered by Gauke, “Thanks, Dad.”

The video concludes with the now unmasked Gauke senior adding, “You’re welcome, son.”

Guake added that he would have been disappointed if his old man wouldn't have given him his backing.

Needless to say, people thought the whole thing was very funny.

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