A farmer surprised BBC News by tearing Boris Johnson and Brexit to shreds on live TV.

During a segment in Bishop Auckland, County Durham, a BBC reporter asked if farmers have been “tempted by the Leave side” for the upcoming general election.

The answer from one resident was an immediate and unmistakable no.

The man, who described farmers voting for Brexit as like “turkeys voting for Christmas”, said:

I’m yet to see anyone put a solid argument up for leaving Europe, we’re far better working together as a common community than we are split up.

On the night of the referendum, we went to bed as Great Britain and we woke up as Little Britain, and that’s a tragedy. All the things they’ve put forward – none of them are as good as staying in Europe…

And he didn’t stop there, adding:

You’ve got to trade with your local neighbours. Donald Trump is wishing to take over the health service. Boris Johnson will go to negotiate with Donald as a little boy…

Boris Johnson has stuffed the DUP. He went over there, gave empty promises and the day after he sold them.

At that point, the reporter tried to intervene and move on to another subject – but the farmer was on a roll and wasn’t going to be held back by anyone…

The Irish problem, he can’t sort it. He promised £350m… he knew that was a lie. He lied to the British public and he is perpetrating this lie now. He should be sent to jail! He should be sued!

Understandably, the man’s fiery takedown of the government has made him a hero to many people.

Someone please get this man on Question Time ASAP.

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