David Harbour's Hellboy body transformation is incredible

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Remember Hellboy? Well, he's back and this time's he's hench.

In the two previous movies (released in 2004 and 2008 respectively) Hellboy was played by veteran genre actor Ron Perlman.

For upcoming 2018 reboot, titled Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen, Perlman has been replaced by David Harbour, better known as Chief Hopper in the hit Netflix series Stranger Things.

Now if you are a fan of the show you'll realise that, although Hopper is good at heart, he can be really grouchy and isn't exactly in the best physical shape.

Given this, Harbour wouldn't be most people's first choice to play a chain-smoking half-man-half-demon who fights Nazis, witches and other monsters.

However, just wait till you see how much much muscle Harbour has put on for the role and then you might just change your mind.

Yes, that is this man.

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This staggering turn around from Harbour has been achieved through his personal trainer Don Saladino, whose other clients include Scarlett Johansson, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds.

According to an interview on Saladino's website, Harbour isn't exactly a native to the gym so this transformation has been hard work.

There is something very special about Don as a person and a trainer.

He brings great creativity to the workout regimes, which in the past have usually terrified and bored me.

His methods are unique, as well as heavily researched.

Not only that, but they are even fun, despite the challenges you are taking on.

To get an idea of how intense Harbour's training regime was take a look at this compilation video, courtesy of Muscle Madness, which shows just how hard it was.

That doesn't look like much fun at all but according to Harbour it's all worth it for the fans.

The fans are what are keeping me motivated through everything.

As well as the audience that will come see the movie and the haters out there who have decided to make their opinion known before a scene has even been shot.

I’ve got something to prove to all three.

I really want to do justice to this character and create a Hellboy that everyone can get behind.

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