David Mitchell praised for his passionate comments on the BBC’s Martin Bashir scandal

David Mitchell praised for his passionate comments on the BBC’s Martin Bashir scandal

Comedian David Mitchell has received widespread support on Twitter after he delivered his take on the scandal surrounding former BBC journalist Martin Bashir and his interview with the late Princess Diana

Speaking as he hosted the BBC panel show Have I Got News For You, Mitchell said that the thing which makes people love the BBC is “not the ruddy news”. 

“The news is a boring programme – we all know it – and in their desperate attempts to make the news watchable, they stoop to tabloid tactics and that is going to destroy the corporation that is loved for the drama, and comedy and documentaries that it has produced for decades.

“The Tories will cheerfully get rid of that, and use this bulls*** as an excuse, and Martin Bashir may have unwittingly been the executioner of the BBC.”

Mitchell’s comments come a week after an independent report by Lord Dyson found that the disgraced reporter used “deceitful” methods to secure his Panorama interview with the royal in 1995. 

The BBC offered a “full and unconditional apology” following the findings, while Mr Bashir said the faking of bank statements was “an action I deeply regret”.

He did, however, also add that he felt that that had “no bearing whatsoever on the personal choice by Princess Diana to take part.” 

After he was met with applause by the audience and members of the panel, Mitchell proceeded to read from a cue card. 

“Nevertheless, the BBC are still paying him, because he was allowed to resign rather than being sacked - for some reason.

“So he’ll be on the payroll until August, you couldn’t make it up.

“But he could, but he didn’t on this occasion.” 

After a clip of Mitchell’s remarks was shared online on Saturday, people have praised the Peep Show star’s view of the situation:

Mitchell has since responded to the praise, writing on Twitter: “Thanks so much for all the nice messages about what I said on last night’s #HIGNFY.

“I’m so glad it struck a chord.”

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