Days of fighting, 1,800 dead and a 77% approval rating for this man

Dina Rickman@dinarickman
Wednesday 06 August 2014 18:30

The overwhelming majority of Israelis think Benjamin Netanyahu's performance during Operation Protective Edge was excellent or good, according to a poll from Haaretz.

The poll was conducted by Dialog on the first full day of the Israel-Hamas ceasefire in Gaza and shows the Israeli prime minister has an approval rating of 77 per cent.

In 28 days of fighting 1,814 Palestinians have died, a figure which includes 408 children. According to UN estimates 85 per cent of all Palestinian casualties are civilians. Sixty-six Israelis have died, all but two of them soldiers, and a Thai national.


Most Israelis also think the operation was a draw


The poll was conducted on 5 August with a sample of 442 people. Ha'aretz did not specify if all the respondents were Jewish Israelis.

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