This woman is looking for a designer to make a dress out of her dead mother's hair - and she's willing to pay £15,000


A woman is trying to find a dressmaker who is willing to create a dress, featuring designs incorporating her dead mother's hair.

The bride-to-be made a sketch of the floor-length ball gown and specified that "the bodice around the midsection of the dress to have a lacy, floral design made with the hair."

Remaining anonymous, the 61-year-old wrote on a fashion website she wanted to 'recreate' the dress that her mother wore during her own wedding in 1953, according to the BBC.

Almost reassuringly, she readily admitted that the request is 'quite weird' but that she also started collecting the hair before her mother died.

She posted:

I found out my mother was ill in 2014 and from that point onward I began to collect her hair.

At the time I wasn’t sure why I was collecting. However, now I think I do.

Now, while it certainly is a bizarre request and it does sound suspiciously like a scrapped idea from The Bride of Frankenstein, we should all bare in mind it isn't exactly an unheard of practice.

Supposedly, in the 19th century, the hair of the recently deceased was used as a form of mourning, for example lockets were designed to hold a lock of the person's hair or other such relics.

Social designer Alix Bizet, a former designer in residence at the Design Museum London, who has previously made a clothing collection from human hair, told The Independent:

It is hard to use human hair as a fibre to create garments, as hair is not adapted to the textile technique we have today.

It required a lot of research (and still does) to reach the quality to make wearable material.

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