A mother wore this dress for years before spotting its rude design


There are plenty of items of clothing that everyone has in their wardrobes that are either too hard to let go of or are a little embarrassing.

Be it a pair of old trainers that are still really comfortable but are falling to bits or a t-shirt that you love dearly but is covered in holes, we form pretty strange attachments to certain garments.

However, one woman recently learned that one of her favourite dresses actually contained a lot of subtle and crude imagery.

Last year an image of a dress was uploaded on to the image sharing website, Imgur.

At first glance the dress appears to innocent, featuring nothing more than a pattern of some exotic flowers. Yet, upon closer inspection it revealed some hidden imagery.

The caption for the image reads, "My mom has been wearing this summer dress for years and no one noticed the pattern until now..."

Did you spot it?

The dress is full of silhouettes of naked women in suggestive poses.

Picture: Imgur

Picture: Imgur


We're not entirely sure what happened to the dress as the picture was uploaded anonymously but we can only assume that it was either kept or donated to charity.

Although it is a questionable design, it is still a nice summer dress and we hoped they kept it and over came the embarrassment.

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