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A family in Leicestershire say they have fled their home after spiders burst from a bunch of bananas bought at Asda.

Speaking to the Sun, Ashley Gamble claimed that his partner Sophia Newcombe saw a white cocoon on the side of a bunch bananas she was unpacking after a shopping trip to Asda at Fosse Park.

According to Gamble, Newcombe panicked and dropped the bananas and multiple spiders burst forth.

The spiders were thought by the family to have been the 'die hard' or 'brazilian wandering spider'.

The 'die hard' spider is a native of Brazil, whose venom can give men a four hour erection, followed by death. The neurotoxin in its venom can also cause abdominal cramps, hypothermia, blurred vision and convulsions.

Given this worrying possibility, Gamble, Newcombe, and her two daughters have left their home in order to have it fumigated.

Identifying the type of spider that were allegedly in the bananas is not possible without dissection, and the brazilian wandering spider does not usually nest in banana trees, but on the ground.

Nevertheless, the sight of spiders scuttling out of food is less than pleasant.

A spokesperson for Asda provided indy100 with this statement:

We are in contact with Mr Gamble and would like to reassure all our customers that these types of incidents are extremely rare.

All our bananas are washed and sprayed before they are transported to the UK and every single piece of fruit is manually checked for quality and stowaways. We sell one billion bananas every year and the chance of finding a spider is incredibly low, but very occasionally one hangs around to give us a fright.

We are sorry for any upset this has caused and remain in touch with Mr Gamble while we investigate further.

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