This person accused Disney of 'whitewashing' in Big Hero 6. What happened next is spectacular

This person accused Disney of 'whitewashing' in Big Hero 6. What happened next is spectacular

When this Redditor tried to justify racism, they couldn't have imagined the absolute slap down they'd get - and it's a must read.

Taking to the site's subreddit MurderedByWords, which specialises in 'well-constructed put-downs, comebacks and counter-arguments', Redditor BlackOrre posted one of the most finely crafted comebacks we've ever seen.

Essentially, a somewhat bigoted Redditor accused the Disney movie 'Big Hero 6' of 'whitewashing' and 'fake inclusively' because it features mixed race characters. They even go so far as to suggest that mixed race characters constitute 'pretend' diversity.

However, no fear, a serious mic drop moment is not far off.

In a carefully crafted, factually constructed, Shakespearean monologue, a mixed-race Redditor shows the 'racist' the door.

Here's our favourite section. Read and weep, racists:

When a character is mixed race they are not more and they're not less. 

They are who they are. 

People thinking that mixed race characters/families are less important than single race characters/families is incredibly ignorant as well as harmful to many mixed race children who grow up in the world feeling they're less than their single race friends. 

Read the entire exchange below:

Picture:Picture: (BlackOrre / Reddit )

Many other Redditors were quick to applaud the incredible response, as well as sharing their own experiences of being mixed race.

Thereal_username said:

Also the whole point of the world of Big Hero 6 is that it was a combination of the U.S. and Japan.

Another commented:

And it’s set in the future where more and more people are likely to be from a mixed heritage background.

A third summed it up:

This was beautifully said.

See ya!

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