<p>Guests enjoy the Disney park in the coronavirus pandemic.</p>

Guests enjoy the Disney park in the coronavirus pandemic.


A Florida man has been charged after allegedly spitting at a Disney World security guard in an argument about face masks.

Kelly McKin was arrested by Orange County Sheriff’s Office last month, but was made known to the public via an arrest report on 15 March.

As seen by Insider, the reported stated the 51-year-old, of North Palm Beach, was charged with battery of a uniformed security guard.

The report described how deputies claim McKin spat on a security guard on 5 February after he was requested to wear a mask to abide by the rules of the park, a requirement of being on Disney property.

The arrest took place the following day while on Disney property after being identified by the police. They were answering a call about trespassing, according to the arrest report.

Speaking to investigators, McKin said he got into a “verbal discussion” with the guard regarding masks, but was “adamant that he did not spit on the guard”, the deputies stated in the report.

According to online records, McKin is out on bail.

Disney requires guests to don masks while at the park at all times, asides from when they are eating or swimming.

The Orlando Sentinel has reported previously about the treatment Disney employees have been subjected to – such as verbal abuse, pushing and spitting – while trying to enforce coronavirus restrictions.

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