<p>The ‘poop tomatoes’ have been spotted at Pegwell Bay in Kent  </p>

The ‘poop tomatoes’ have been spotted at Pegwell Bay in Kent

Wildlife Conservation in Thanet

Appalled residents in Kent have made the disturbing discovery of ‘poop tomatoes’ growing in raw sewerage nearby.

The sewage is pouring into the sea along the Kent coast, resulting in tomatoes growing in human excrement on the shoreline. There have been reports of ‘poop tomatoes’ at Pegwell Bay.

Local mum-of-two, Alice Toney, explained how she had heard rumours from other residents about the local produce but didn’t believe them.

“We went down there at the weekend for a stroll because the weather was good, and we were amazed to see tomatoes basically growing on the beach,” she said.

“It’s worrying to think there are tomatoes growing there because they come from tomato pips in people’s poo and they are being fertilised by the human sewage going into the sea.

“What other damage must it be doing to the environment? It’s terrible and something should be done about it.

“I’m not keen to let my little ones run along the beach there if it is as polluted as this.”

The tomatoes are a new phenomenon, but DEFRA says its more likely to be birds spreading seedsThe tomatoes are a new phenomenon, but DEFRA says its more likely to be birds spreading seedsWildlife Conservation in Thanet

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Local wildlife enthusiast Nik Mitchell, who runs the Wildlife Conservation in Thanet page on Facebook, said “In recent years I have found lots of the evidence of raw sewage going into our rivers and seas, normally things like floss harps, plasters, applicators and earbuds.

“But poop tomatoes is a new one to me.

“The human body tends not to digest tomatoes and they are a large part of our diet.

Local wildlife enthusiast Nik Mitchell with a \u2018poop tomato'Local wildlife enthusiast Nik Mitchell with a ‘poop tomato'Wildlife Conservation in Thanet

“So as the untreated sewage hits our waters the seeds have been washing up along the coastline all around Thanet but it is only in Pegwell Bay where there are fertile conditions and they are able to grow.

“I am very in touch with Pegwell Bay and this is the first time I have noticed hundreds of tomato plants growing. They are great for snacking on whilst doing my litter picks!

“When talking about the sewage spillages I like to point out to people that it’s not just our seas being polluted it is our rivers too and it’s not just raw sewage it is heavily polluted road runoff too.”

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