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The divorce of a Chinese couple turned sour after the pair couldn’t agree on the custody arrangements of their pet corgi.

According to South China Morning Post, the couple from Quzhou city in Zhejiang, eastern China, known only by their surnames Xu and Li filed for divorce in April, but proceedings have since stalled over their dog.

Splitting up after seven years of marriage they went through the courts to reach an agreement on the separation of joint assets, with their pet being the only exception.

Both parties have requested full custody of the dog that the two animal lovers got while they were together.

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Former wife, Xu, argued to the courts that she deserves to have full custody because she bought the dog and raised it herself.

She claimed her former husband, Li, is a workaholic who spends his free time playing video games and that the dog is more attached to her.

Li conceded that he may not feed the dog or clean up after it as frequently as his ex-wife did, but argued that he often walked the dog and considered it as his child.

The courts accepted the couple’s dog was a joint asset, but one that is obviously not easily divided between the two.

Eventually, the courts and the couple agreed that the corgi would continue to live with Xu, while granting Li legal visitation rights.

Li would also pay alimony to his ex-wife in order to help look after it, while they’d share medical expenses if the dog fell ill or required veterinary treatment.

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