DJ headlining Coachella who beat cancer shares inspiring messages

DJ headlining Coachella who beat cancer shares inspiring messages
DJ Michael Bibi announces he is cancer-free
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A popular house music DJ and producer who beat cancer and is headlining a brand new stage at Coachella 2024 has shared inspiring messages across his social media accounts ahead of his first official show back.

Michael Bibi, 33, from London, was diagnosed with cancer midway through 2023 and announced in December the same year he was in remission after having successful intensive treatment.

He recently posted a series of tweets saying while he was struggling because of ongoing treatment, he was looking forward to playing again as a number of fans shared their support.

And as that Coachella headline slot on April 13 edges ever closer, which is also his first official show back, Michael has shared some inspiring messages on his social media accounts.

Michael posted a Tweet which said: "One year ago I was given a 30 per cent chance of survival, today I'm packing to perform at Coachella... Never give up on your hopes or dreams."

That was soon followed by a video on Instagram.

In the video, Michael said: "I feel like an 18-year-old kid again.

"Nervous is an understatement but I'm feeling ready and - it's time to groove."

In May 2023, Michael shared a post on Instagram saying he was having treatment for tinnitus when doctors noticed a "neurological problem" and weren't quite sure what it was.

In early June 2023, he posted an update to say he had been "diagnosed with CNS Lymphoma, a very rare cancer that affects the brain and spine", that it was "moving fast" and he had to "stay in hospital starting treatment immediately".

But Michael fought through it incredibly bravely and the support for him online was resounding as he continued to post uplifting updates on his progress - he even turned out for a surprise set while still having treatment, closing a party at DC10 in Ibiza in September 2023.

Just before that, teasing the performance, he posted a Tweet that went viral which simply said "one life, live it".

After six months of intensive treatment, at the start of December 2023, Michael announced he was cancer free and "officially in remission" as he rang the ceremonial bell on a ward at The Royal Marsden's Oak Cancer Centre to celebrate.

Michael's next scheduled events after Coachella at the time of writing are at Finsbury Park in London and in Sevilla, Spain, both of which are in July.

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